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Vikram Aggarwal

Welcome to the personal web page of Vikram Aggarwal. I am a programmer and researcher at a little-known tech company. Mugshot of Vikram In the past, I have studied at the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research topic was developing a parallel preconditioner for an octree discretization of level set methods.

I am a free software enthusiast, running Linux on many machines. I enjoy juggling, chess, and running in my spare time. This page has information about my world and me.

I am allowed to wear a funny gown, a specific ring and you can see photographs of some notable events from my life on my Picture Book. Neha Pandey has her own web page, so please go read it.

I am experimenting with an honest blog about India. Any comments or suggestions about it are welcome.

If you are new at this site, you might enjoy the links at the top. I would suggest starting out at the Picture Book, which is a set of pictures about my life. Some visitors find my writings on computers useful, so I would suggest taking a look at that.

I love getting email from people I've studied or spent time with. Do go through my contact information in the main navigation bar, mail me, and get ready for a quick reply.

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