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Vikram Aggarwal


I own a Palm IIIx (called Kestrel), and a Sony Clie (called Snow Owl), both of which were generously gifted to me.

I have played with Sharp Zaurus 5500, a PDA that runs Linux. The summer was spent learning about the Zaurus. It was a good computer, and I have a comparison of two Sony Clies and a Sharp Zaurus. However, I did not like it enough, and so it is gone. I am still the proud owner of a Sony Clie.

Books for Palmtops

These books work on most Palm Pilots. Give them a shot. I have also submitted a few books to Memoware which keeps many other books as well. Do give them a visit, they do not charge for downloads, and they have a very impressive collection of books.

These are books that I converted from Project Gutenberg into Palm Reader's DOC format. If you find them useful, I strongly recommend making a contribution to Project Gutenberg. I just converted them, and had little or no part in their production.

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